Serious Injury

Minster Law is home to one of the largest serious injury teams in the UK; with specialists in head and brain injuries, spinal injuries and injuries resulting in amputation and limb damage.

For Minster, looking after our serious injury clients is much more than a legal process; we strive to take the effort away from our clients and look for ways to help with all aspects of our clients’ lives whilst they go through the claims process. 

The team has over 120 serious injury specialists helping clients all over the country. Our scale and experience have enabled us to secure access to leading services to support our clients. We have established relationships with top expert witnesses and rehabilitation providers and have a strong network of contacts to ensure that every client receives the very best service.

Our experts also secure interim payments during the claims process, which can be used to support your treatment needs, any adaptions that are required to your home and any ongoing expenses. We also consider the cost of any long-term care requirements and medical costs when seeking a final settlement figure, so you can feel comfortable that your future needs are taken care of.

We have expert teams that specialise in brain injuries, spinal injuries and injuries that could result in amputation. Due to the complexity and sensitive nature of serious injuries, we value the need to tailor each individual case, treating you with the upmost care and compassion at all times and support all of your immediate and future requirements.

What can cause a serious injury?

Our dedicated serious injury team can secure support for injuries including:

We understand that suffering from an injury can cause both yourself and your family a huge amount of stress, particularly if the injury that you have sustained is a serious one. Often serious injuries will impact your work, your hobbies and your enjoyment of life but we aim to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

If you or your loved one has been affected by a serious injury, contact our specialist team today on 01904 663 229.

How long do I have to make a serious injury claim?

The time limit to make a Personal Injury claim after being involved in a serious accident is usually three years from the date of the accident, but this may be slightly different if:

If you have sustained a serious injury from an accident, it is best to make a claim as soon as possible. It is then easier to collect all the evidence we need and can ensure you get the correct treatment straight away, enabling you to make the best possible recovery.

In some cases, serious injuries are not present straight away and in these instances, the three-year time limit would begin from the date you were made aware that the injury was the fault of someone else. An example of this is an industrial disease / accident at work claim where the onset of an illness can be years after exposure to the cause.

There are also some exceptions to the three-year limit and so it is best to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

Why choose Minster Law for a serious injury claim?

  • Minster Law is home to one of the largest Serious Injury teams in the UK, secured over £155 million in damages over the last 5 years alone.
  • We have strong established relationships with some of the country’s best Barristers, medical experts and treatment providers, meaning that you will be supported by the very best team at every stage of your claim.
  • Our team look to secure the best treatment and interim payments, ensuring your needs and those of your family are met.
  • We're active members of APIL, the Association of Personal Injury, Law Society Personal Injury Panel, SIA, the Spinal Injury Association and Headway, the Brain Injury Association.
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