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Leading support

Our team of experts have access to leading support services so that you get the best care and treatment to support your recovery.

Specialist team

Carpal tunnel syndrome comes in various levels of severity and we have specialist team members who are highly experienced in dealing with these injuries, whether they be minor or serious.

Interim payments

Our experts can also look to secure interim payments during the claims process, which can be used to support your treatment needs, or to provide financial stability in the event the carpel tunnel syndrome is serious enough to prevent you from working.

Therapist takes a look at a woman experiencing arm pain

“I was passed onto Minster Law by my insurance company and I have to say I could not have found better myself. From the start of my case right up until the end, I had great friendly, helpful, and caring advice. It’s a service I would recommend to anyone.”

Understanding carpal tunnel syndrome

Those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome may feel tingling or numbness in their fingers and hand. Often grip strength is reduced, and it can become very painful. If diagnosed early, sometimes rest alone can relieve pain. Treating physicians may first try a steroid injection or a round of injections to relieve pain. If symptoms don’t subside, then surgery may be the only option.

How Minster Law can support you

Claims can vary, however, given that most of us tend to use our hands for work (whether office-based or in a manual role), suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can mean you will be left unable to work for some time, and reasonable adjustments may need to be made when you do return to work.

Often a carpal tunnel syndrome claim can consist of treatment costs, pain relief, loss of earnings. In severe cases, it can lead to permanent nerve damage limiting the hand’s function, which may leave you unable to return to work in any capacity. Our team of experts will properly manage your injury and will always seek to secure early rehabilitation. We know what to look out for and which medical experts will be best placed to assess the damage, putting you in the best possible position to maximum recovery.

Help & Advice

Whether you’re a customer, acting on a customer’s behalf, or just wanting to find out more - check out Minster Law's help and advice. Our frequently asked questions, claims journey, and glossary will get you started.