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Common injuries

Working in a factory or warehouse often involves being around a lot of people, dangerous machinery and work vehicles. They are crowded places, and sadly, accidents and injuries are common.


Your employer can take measures to prevent an accident, but if you are injured while at work, you may be eligible to compensation for your injury.

Experienced team

Our highly experienced team understands the complexities of making a claim against your employer and investigating accidents within the manufacturing sector.

In the manufacturing sector alone, it is reported that around 61,000 non-fatal injuries to workers occur each year, often through no fault of the employee. Improved Health & Safety laws have made warehouses and factories a lot safer than they used to be. However, these improved laws can only help if your employer follows the rules and regulations. Factory accidents can cause very serious injuries, such as requiring amputation after becoming trapped in moving machinery or suffering a spinal injury from a slip or fall.

The most common factory injuries can include:

Health & Safety laws aim to ensure reasonable steps are put in place by employers to protect their employees – including making sure you have the training and protective equipment needed to avoid an accident in a factory. However, these systems can break down when an employer fails to follow the rules and regulations or an accident is caused by the actions (or omissions) of a colleague.

If you do suffer from an accident in a factory, which wasn’t your fault, Minster Law may be able to help you receive compensation. We will act promptly to ensure the circumstances surrounding the accident are investigated quickly, so the cause of the accident is identified and those responsible are held accountable.

We understand you may have concerns about claiming against your employer, but we’re here to guide you and give you the right advice and help when you need it.

Who will my claim be against?

Unfortunately, the nature of a factory means multiple people can be on-site or responsible for works or equipment. This may include the manufacturing company, the site manager, contractors or even fellow employees.

Trying to establish who was responsible in a factory claim can be a difficult step to overcome. However, there are strict regulations and rules that the Health and Safety Executive has imposed. Nevertheless, we can help you to establish who is responsible for your accident.

What do I need to consider when it comes to liability?

An important fact that is often overlooked is that you do not need to be an employee to bring a claim for personal injury from a factory site. Agents, self-employed persons, contractors or even members of the public still have legal grounds for compensation. The main condition is those responsible for the incident owe you a duty of care because you weren’t to blame.

If you are a member of the public entering a factory site as a lawful visitor, you are also owed a duty of care, and the owner or occupier must take reasonable care for your safety.

Help & Advice

If you have an accident that causes you injury that's someone else’s fault, you may well have a personal injury claim. But what if the accident happened at work? Bringing a claim against your employer can seem scary, but we're here to help. Click below to find out more.