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Bespoke service

We understand the difficulties that you and your family face when you suffer from an injury that has resulted in limb damage or an amputation.

Dedicated team

Minster is home to a dedicated team of lawyers whose focus is on supporting our clients in every aspect of their lives to ease distress and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Leading expertise

Our highly experienced team work alongside some of the UK’s leading barristers and medical experts, ensuring you have access to the very best advice and support.

“I moved my case to Minster Law after a bad experience with a firm that was all about them and expected the same everywhere but I feel like these guys have really gone above and beyond and got the best FOR ME out of all this.”

Understanding Amputation

An injury that has resulted in amputation is one of the hardest injuries to come to terms with. Our aim is to ensure the claims process is as simple as possible. Our specialist team will put you in contact with the best practices that offer assistance, rehabilitation, and prosthetics if required.

Living with the lifelong impacts of amputation can be challenging but if the injury wasn’t your fault, Minster Law may be able to help you receive compensation. We will act promptly to ensure the circumstances surrounding the accident are investigated quickly, so the cause of the accident is identified and those responsible are held accountable. We’re here to guide you and give you the right advice and help when you need it.

Get in touch

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that has resulted in a serious injury, get in touch to find out how we can help support your future.