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Serious orthopaedic injuries

At Minster Law, we have a specialist team dedicated to those who have unfortunately suffered serious orthopaedic injuries.

Life changing injury

We understand the life-changing effects a serious orthopaedic injury can have on our clients and their families, which is why our focus is always on your recovery.

Early rehabilitation

We'll work to get you early access to rehabilitation and an effective long-term recovery plan in place.

Highly experienced

As one of the largest serious injury teams in the UK, our highly experienced team, work alongside some of the UK’s leading Barristers and medical experts, ensuring you have access to the very best advice and support.

“I could not speak highly enough about this company. Andrew, who was the handler of my case was amazing. Everything was fully explained and introduced to me in a clear and concise manner. The process was handled in an extremely professional manner throughout. Highly recommended!”

Understanding serious orthopaedic injuries

Our team represent claims who have suffered serious orthopaedic injuries as the result of:

Orthopaedic injuries include any injury to the musculoskeletal system.

Often these injuries relate to the bones and joints and are a result of an accident or trauma to the body.

Common injuries that occur include:

  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Breaks
  • Sports hernia
  • Impingement
  • Overuse injuries
  • Sprains

The severity of orthopaedic injury, and the location of the injury, will dictate what treatment will be required.

The injury will usually require radiological investigation and more severe injuries can require surgical intervention from an orthopaedic surgeon.

It is crucial, following a serious orthopaedic injury, that a long-term plan of rehabilitation and recovery is considered.

Every orthopaedic injury is unique, and the long-term effects and symptoms can vary.

It is therefore crucial that any plan is tailored to each individual and their needs.

The first months following an orthopaedic injury can be incredibly difficult for the injured person and their family.

It is often very difficult to judge how long recovery may take, and how complete that recovery will be.

It may be that the injury required fixation, internally or externally, and that additional surgeries may be required over a number of years.

How will Minster support you?

At Minster, we understand that these initial months, and even years, can be crucial to long-term recovery, and as such one of the first steps we will make is to seek the input of a case manager.

A case manager will review the immediate needs of a client and will then prepare a rehabilitation plan suited to that client.

In the case of an orthopaedic injury, they will help coordinate the following types of rehabilitation as required:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation: This involves intensive specialist rehabilitation for people who are not yet ready to return home after discharge from hospital. This may include some initial physiotherapy ahead of a discharge from hospital.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation: Some people may be well enough to return home and receive further treatment as an outpatient, either at a local hospital or at a separate private rehabilitation centre. This will likely include long term physiotherapy and occupational therapy if required.

The use of a highly qualified case manager means that Minster can be sure the required treatment is underway and allows us to concentrate the other important aspects of your personal injury claim.

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