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Bike accidents

As one of the largest specialist bike teams in the UK, we understand the impact that having an accident can have, particularly to those that ride a bike.

Motorcycle driver riding in through mountain ranges
A way of life

For most bikers, biking is a way of life, rather than just a mode of transport, that’s why your recovery is our main priority.

Bike experts

We are proud to look after approximately a quarter of bike clients in the UK, enabling us to continuously improve our service through the insights we gain from our clients.

Serious injury support

Having an accident on your motorbike often means that there is a chance of a more severe injury, that’s why Minster Law will act promptly to help secure the treatment you need to assist you in your recovery.

“I was referred to Minster Law by my motor insurance company to pursue a claim after a motorcycle accident. From the very first contact the following day they have been professional, quick to respond, and on the ball. The whole case was completed in 4 months from the date of accident, which I think is extraordinary for a legal claim.”


Our specialist bike team has experience in dealing with bike related injuries and we’ll do everything we can to assist you following your accident. As well as your injury, we understand how important your helmet and leathers are, which is why our team aim to recover a like-for-like replacement if they were unfortunately damaged in your accident.

We’ll also arrange a bike assessment to understand the damage from your accident, with an aim to get you back on your bike as soon as possible.

Our bike injury support

Your claim journey

We’re here to guide you through an unsettling period in your life. You can check out the bike claim journey below to find out more about what you'll experience.

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