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Seven-figure sum secured for biker severely injured in motorcycle accident

David Sears

David Sears has successfully recovered a seven-figure sum for Luke*, a client who was left severely injured because of a motorcycle accident. Luke commented “I would like to thank David and his team for achieving a wonderful settlement for me.”

Luke suffered severe injuries, chief among which were significant open fractures to the left tibia and fibula, requiring extensive and lengthy limb salvage surgery and treatment. Unfortunately, recurrent bone infection and skin breakdown, persistent pain and stiffness in the limb led to Luke undergoing an elective below knee amputation almost 18 months after the accident.

Luke was initially deeply troubled by pain, requiring strong opioid painkillers. Although pain levels settled, Luke did continue to experience phantom limb pains. As a result of his pain and change in circumstances, Luke suffered with low mood and psychological vulnerability which contributed to the breakdown of his relationship with his long-term partner.

Given the significant injuries and their effect upon Luke, Minster Law secured funding via interim payments to ensure excellent private rehabilitation could be provided to improve his condition. Luke was also assessed privately for prosthetics and purchased daily use/active use/wet use prosthetics and a microprocessor foot. Luke described the microprocessor foot as “life changing” and was thrilled that it allowed him to walk further and on uneven ground which allowed him to enjoy taking his dogs for walks.

Luke was supported by a case manager and funding was obtained to provide therapies including psychological support.

Evidence was obtained from a disability motorbiking specialist and Luke resumed riding a motorcycle and started to learn to drive.

A significant settlement was achieved for Luke, and he was able to buy his first home with his new wife and children and adapt it to his needs. The settlement provided for Luke’s lost earnings on an ongoing basis with funding for assistance in retraining and upskilling, as well as providing future prosthetics, care and case management, accommodation costs, increased transport costs, and the cost of equipment that he would need in the future.

Luke stated ‘I cannot praise Minster Law, the experts and barrister enough for the way my case has been handled. David and his team made sure that everything was explained to me and took time to reassure me. Being unable to work following the accident was enormously stressful and having access to interim payments helped immensely and meant that I could concentrate on getting better. The settlement of my claim is a huge relief and I look forward to moving into my new home and the benefits that this will bring to me and my family. ‘

Associate solicitor David Sears, who specialises in complex and high value claims, commented: “I am very pleased to have helped Luke to achieve a great result and I am pleased that through the claim we have been able to significantly improve his life and ensure that he has everything that he needs in the future to overcome this terrible incident.

*The client’s name has been changed to protect identities.