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Man works on a roof with a hammer at a construction site
Dedicated experts

Minster is home to a dedicated team of lawyers whose focus is on supporting our clients in every aspect of their lives and through each step of the claims journey to ease distress and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Leading partnerships

Our highly experienced team work alongside some of the UK’s leading Barristers and medical experts, ensuring you have access to the very best advice and support.

Bespoke support

From manual handling injuries to faulty equipment or falls, the causes of accidents at work are complex and diverse. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, we can provide bespoke legal advice and services.


We understand these incidents are life-changing for you and your family. Often, serious injuries will impact your work, your hobbies, and your enjoyment of life, leaving you with financial loss and anguish.

With a team of over 150 serious injury specialists, Minster Law has represented a wide variety of clients who have been injured in an accident at work.

We know how important recovery is and will help secure access to the best possible treatment from leading medical experts.

We also consider the cost of any long-term care requirements and medical costs when seeking a final settlement figure, so you can feel comfortable that your future needs are taken care of.


Your claim journey

We’re here to guide you through an unsettling period in your life. Whether you’re a client, acting on a client’s behalf, or just wanting to find out more – you can check out the serious injury claim journey below.

Will I risk my employment by making a claim?

If you have an accident that causes you injury and it's someone else’s fault, you may well have a personal injury claim. But what if the accident happened at work? Bringing a claim against your employer can seem scary, but we're here to help.