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David Sears, Victoria Claridge and Clare Gray have recovered damages exceeding £4.75m for our client who suffered life-altering injuries in a serious accident.

Our client was injured when they were struck by a motorbike whilst enjoying a leisurely ride on their own motorbike. Our client suffered life-threatening injuries and had to be air lifted to hospital. They were treated in a neuro-rehabilitation unit for 7 months following the accident. Our client suffered a severe traumatic brain injury which resulted in them enduring a range of neuropsychological difficulties – impaired memory, concentration, executive function, processing speed insight and understanding – and a brachial plexus injury which all had a profound impact on their daily life and independence.

To address our client’s needs, we secured a substantial care package to assist with day-to-day activities and to ensure their safety, as they were no longer able to live independently. The traumatic brain injury led to neurobehavioural difficulties which meant that our client required constant supervision in order to avoid conflicts, ensure their safety and to assist them to engage in social activities. Additionally, the brachial plexus injury left them with neuropathic pain and the loss of the use of their dominant arm. The injuries left our client unable to work and needing single storey accommodation.

The comprehensive settlement not only provides financial security for our client but also covers ongoing care, case management, therapeutic needs, suitable accommodation costs and compensation for lost earnings.

Furthermore, recognising the impact of the severe brain injury on our client’s financial management capacity, we successfully secured compensation for the lifelong costs associated with using a deputy to manage their finances.

As the settlement was approved by the court, the judge paid tribute to the handling of the case by our late colleague Jonathan Bamforth who managed the case until the start of 2023 and Victoria Claridge who ably assisted Jonathan. Despite having to deal with his own ill health, Jonathan showed unwavering commitment to our client, and we are delighted the team’s efforts were recognised and our client was awarded the settlement they deserved.

Today our client is looking forward to the next chapter of their life with the assurance of continued support to engage in enjoyable activities with the peace of mind that their needs are well taken care of.  We are honoured to have been part of their journey towards their recovery and a brighter future.