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Our serious injury Associate Solicitor, Joanne Poynton, has secured a £450,000 settlement for an 80-year-old client, following life changing injuries sustained in a car accident.

Mary commented: “Thank you for all of your hard work Joanne, it feels such a relief that the case has now settled, and I can move on.”

Mary was a very active 80-year-old, she had a busy social life, and had a part time job that she regularly walked to.  She also supported her son on his farm, regularly baking and joining the events which were held there. Unfortunately, that changed in 2020 when Mary was involved in a road traffic accident. Mary sustained life changing injuries. Her injuries were extensive and included multiple rib fractures, multiple internal injuries, L4 burst fracture, distal femur fracture, open tibia and fibula fracture, open foot fracture, soft tissue injury to the knee, right neck of femur fracture, right patella fracture, left pneumothorax, and fractured coccyx.

Mary was air lifted to hospital where she had multiple surgeries, remaining in hospital for several months whilst she recovered. As her accident happened during the Covid pandemic, it was difficult for Mary’s family to visit her, which took its toll on her and her extended family.

An experienced case manager was instructed at an early stage, and a multidisciplinary team put in place to support Mary’s rehabilitation. The case manager arranged for Mary to have 24-hour care when she was eventually discharged from hospital.  As a result of the injuries that Mary sustained her home needed modifying, When Mary was discharged, she was supplied with a hospital bed, which was positioned in Mary’s front room, the carer was able to sleep in the spare room.  Mary’s bathroom wasn’t suitable for her anymore, as she was now wheelchair dependent, the original layout of the bathroom was not accessible.  Joanne secured an interim payment for Mary, which was used to remodel the bathroom to support Mary through her rehabilitation and recovery, but also for her ongoing future needs.

A mobility scooter was purchased which enabled Mary to access the community, and an outdoor storage area was constructed for it. Mary was seen privately in relation to orthotics and several pairs were subsequently purchased.

Mary’s mobility eventually began to improve and whilst she no longer required 24-hour care she did require ongoing care and assistance at various stages throughout the day. A care package was arranged whereby carers would attend Mary’s property 4 times a day and provide care and assistance to her.

Through the case manager and Joanne, Mary also had the benefit of an occupational therapist, and physiotherapist. Mary was seen on a regular basis by the physiotherapist and continues to receive regular input.

Joanne met with Mary and her family on a regular basis remotely to ensure swift progress of her case. Joanne worked relentlessly to secure a settlement to cover Mary’s care and rehabilitation costs for the rest of her life as well as ensuring the funds were in place to purchase the aids and adaptations that she would require. Mary received £450,000 by way of settlement.

Joanne Poynton, Associate Solicitor, said: “This was a complex case because of the injuries that Mary sustained. Implementing high quality rehabilitation at an early stage and Mary’s determination were key to her recovery from very serious injuries. I am pleased that settlement was achieved so quickly for Mary so that she can move on and enjoy her life with the support she needs.”

*The client’s name has been changed to protect her identity.