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My name is Steve, and in January 2022, aged 57, I was riding on my Vespa scooter when I was involved in a road traffic collision with an oncoming vehicle. The impact was taken to my right side. I remember lying on my back and not being able to see my right foot. It transpired that I’d sustained several serious injuries, most notably a partial traumatic amputation of my right leg below the knee. I was airlifted to hospital where I stayed for just under a month.

Through the legal cover on my scooter insurance, I had access to Minster Law, a specialist legal firm who helped me massively both straight after my accident and over the subsequent two years. The first thing Minster Law was able to do was obtain an admission of liability from the defendant and agree an interim payment to assist with the many immediately required purchases.

Riding my scooter and being involved in the scootering scene has been a huge part of my life since I was 17. I would attend regular scooter rallies and discos where I loved to dance to Northern Soul. I’m a big rugby fan too; my wife Gail and I are season ticket holders at Gloucester Rugby and I was involved as a rugby coach for my sons’ teams as well as a referee for local teams. One of my first worries after I lost my leg was that I would not be able to dance anymore and that I’d never referee rugby again.

Steve with his son, who is holding a trophy, on the rugby pitch.

Gail and I loved walking and exploring new places; we had planned to go on a cruise in spring 2022, but because of the accident, that had to be postponed. Travelling is very important to both of us. We’d already visited many different places including China, India, and Kenya and it was very important to me that we would be able to continue these travels despite my loss.

Minster Law has expertly guided me through the legal process over the past two years. From the very beginning, the attention I’ve received from them has been exceptional. Working collaboratively with my case manager, Minster Law got me access to the right sort of high-quality rehabilitation I needed. After such a devasting accident it really mattered to me that I got back to a life I wanted; one that worked for me. As a result, and after various trials, I now have bespoke prosthetic limbs for different parts of my life. Along with an “every day” leg, I’ve a leg for dancing, a Sports Blade (to aid my return to refereeing) and a water-proof leg for swimming and being on the beach. I can exercise, explore, walk, and dance again!

Minster Law and my case manager also collaborated brilliantly to ensure that my home has been fully adapted to meet my new needs.

Gail and I married in September 2023. We had a wonderful day and earlier this year we embarked on a month-long honeymoon cruise in Australia and New Zealand. It was awesome. We are planning another cruise around Japan and southeast Asia for my 60th birthday next year and we have a bucket list that I now feel we will be able to achieve.

Two images showing Steve with his newly adapted leg playing rugby and Steve in his wheelchair in a suit.

The Great Western Air Ambulance Charity attended to me at the scene of the accident. I am proud that Gail and I continue to support this amazing charity, through volunteering and raising funds, to thank them for their service and their part in my journey.

From the very beginning, the attention I received from Stacy Clements, my solicitor at Minster Law, and her team, Ebony Tate, and Charley Griffiths, has been exceptional.  They and the whole team at Minster Law have excelled, providing timely communication and guidance, practical (and occasionally, moral) support and first-class representation. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Stacy Clements said: “Steve has been fantastic to work with.  His energy, spirit and positivity are boundless, and I have no doubt he will continue to make the very most of every day of the new life he has rebuilt for himself and his family. He has been through a truly horrific experience, and he has responded with strength, grace, and pragmatism.  It has been a privilege to represent him.

I’d also like to acknowledge the defendant team on this case.  The defendant insurer instructed Justin Harris at Dolmans. They approached the case with the same grace and pragmatism as Steve. They invested in rehabilitation, funded extensive adaptations to his home, and supported Steve every step of the way. We were able to agree settlement in an efficient timeframe, meaning Steve was able to conclude his legal claim as soon as possible, and focus on his life again. We are all grateful for the collaborative and sensible approach taken by the defendant team.”