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(Left to Right): Alexandra Bastow (Minster Law Solicitors), Sue MacDonald (Auxiliary Nurse on the In-Patient Unit), Jackie Holmes (Staff Nurse – Support & Therapy Centre), Michael Crowther (Chief Executive of Kirkwood Hospice), Maxwell Wrate (Minster Law Solicitors).

Members of Minster Law’s Make a Difference Committee, Alexandra Bastow and Maxwell Wrate, recently attended Kirkwood Hospice’s ‘business buddies’ event hosted for their business charity partners. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to share stories about why they support the hospice, find out the future plans for the hospice and what they want to achieve in the coming years.

Alexandra Bastow from Minster Law said: “I have supported Kirkwood Hospice in a number of ways since I was young as they cared for my uncle. It makes me feel really happy and proud that I am able to use my position within the Make a Difference committee at Minster Law to support Kirkwood as they are really close to my family’s heart. The support that Kirkwood Hospice provide to patients and families is truly amazing.”

Maxwell Wrate from Minster Law said: “It was a really great experience getting to visit Kirkwood Hospice for the first time. I feel that it is important to see and understand the impact that we are making on other people’s lives. Meeting the staff that deal with the donations and the staff that look after the patients made it very real and you can tell that they really appreciate the support they’re given. Visiting Kirkwood also helped me understand more about what the Hospice really do and that it is not just for end of life care but for the whole journey.”

Minster Law have just made a donation of £1,000 towards a psychological therapy course that they offer. The course will offer a 12 weekly sessions which include Speech and Language Therapy and promoting independence. The sessions will also receive support from experienced healthcare professionals.

Find out more about our charity work here.