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Ruth Chalkley, chartered legal executive at Minster Law, shares her volunteering experience at the National Coal Mining Museum for her corporate social responsibility day!

I recently did my CSR day at The National Coal Mining Museum, with other members of my team from the serious injury department.

We volunteered alongside Open County, a charity enabling people with disabilities to access and enjoy the countryside, and together we helped maintain the grounds at the museum.  This included cutting back trees and shrubs, cleaning up benches, creating a living arch way and general ground maintenance work.

The National Coal Mining Museum aims to keep coal mining alive by collecting and preserving the industry’s heritage. Being local to the area and my dad being a retired coal miner, I have visited the museum many times from being a young girl. My dad used to take my sister and me when we were younger to show us where he worked and what he did down t’pit!

Minster Law encourages everyone to do a volunteer day every year to give back to the local community. It’s a great feeling to get involved, meet new people and feel like you are making a difference in some way.  It is also beneficial to do a bit of team bonding whilst doing some hard graft!