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Dana Moliene, paralegal at Minster Law, shares her recent volunteering day at FareShare Yorkshire. 

In spring of this year my colleagues and I spent a day volunteering for FareShare Yorkshire, a charity run by volunteers, that distributes food to over 164 charities and community groups in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.. It was an amazing day doing such a great deed.

That cold, but sunny Friday morning we met at the entrance of the warehouse before dressing in some bright yellow high-vis jackets. Our day started with safety training and induction.

I chose to volunteer at FareShare because I love to help others. Although the work was manual, I enjoyed it as well as the social aspects of working together as a team.  Developing new friendships and relationships with people from all backgrounds was a big positive and a rewarding experience. And even though this was just one day, I would love to go there every Friday.

Our job included creating bundles of food and other necessities such as nappies and baby formula which the volunteer drivers would then take to the charities across Yorkshire.

This amazing day provided me with the great opportunity to be active and sociable in a friendly environment whilst developing my personal skills such as planning and communication.