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It’s not easy to find a motor legal service provider who understands that biking is a way of life, rather than just a mode of transport. It’s harder still to find one who is compulsively customer-focused and matches your need for innovation, smart customer journeys, and progressive partnerships. Luckily, you’ve found us

Trusted by leading bike brands

We’re trusted by leading bike brokers and serve a quarter of UK bikers. We’re the bike partner of choice for major bike insurance brokers, healthcare organisations, and charities that support the biking community

Unrivalled scale and capability

We are home to the largest specialist bike team in the UK, with 135+ serious injury and biker specialists dedicated to taking care of injured bikers after an accident

Specialists in bike serious injury

Our specialist team has the expertise in dealing with severe bike related injuries – from head and brain injuries to amputations – and will get bikers the recovery and support they need, alongside access to some of the best medical and rehabilitation providers across the UK

“I was referred to Minster Law by my motor insurance company to pursue a claim after a motorcycle accident. From the very first contact the following day they have been professional, quick to respond, and on the ball. The whole case was completed in 4 months from the date of accident, which I think is extraordinary for a legal claim.”

We keep bikers moving forward 

Most bikers don’t want legal services, they want a solution to their situation. We make bike injury claims more personal, by rethinking traditions and removing roadblocks. 

We are home to the largest specialist bike team in the UK, with 135+ serious injury and biker specialists dedicated to taking care of injured bikers after an accident. The scale of our team means we have experts in a wide range of specialist injuries such as spinal, head and brain, amputations and serious orthopedic injuries 

Our commitment to bike leadership is rooted in colleague development that ensures our people are best placed to support bikers.  Our expertise extends beyond our four walls and we work with and have access to the top medical experts, rehabilitation providers, and personal injury barristers in the country. 

We’ve got bikers’ backs 

By better understanding their needs, we ensure every biker enjoys a personalised experience that delivers what matters most to them. Whether that’s recovering the costs for their bike and riding kit or seeking rehabilitation and justice – we’re here to support them.  

We have the financial stability to fund the effective and specific treatment bikers might need as a result of the injuries they have sustained. Our bikers will always receive the best possible treatment to get them back on the road. We work with providers who offer cutting edge technology relating to rehabilitation, including robotic orthotics, the ground-breaking Myopro and exoskeleton to enable our most severely injured bikers to regain use of their limbs. 

We offer a family liaison service for our more seriously injured bikers, which is designed to support the loved ones of our clients in the early stages of a claim following a serious accident.   

Bikers at the heart of our culture 

We’re proud to be a trusted top 100 law firm for bikers and offer a multi-channel, personalised experience delivered through beautiful digital journeys and by people who have your customers’ best interests at their heart.  

We understand bikers are more likely to suffer serious injuries from a collision, which is why we partner with injury charities across the UK to promote awareness, lobby for vulnerable road users and provide serious injury support to clients. It’s also why we’ve delivered award-winning campaigns to promote awareness and support biker rehabilitation.  

Our compulsive customer focus delivers a quality bike legal service, which is reflected in our exceptionally high customer satisfaction score.


We’re leading the way with smart systems that reduce paperwork, and scalable portals that keep customers updated, all while reducing costs.

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