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Jessica Curran, a colleague on our serious injury team, shares her recent volunteering experience supporting Brodstock Festival to raise money for important causes.

Every year, we get a day from Minster Law to spend supporting charities in our local community. This year I spent mine helping to set up for the Brodstock Festival at the Old Brodleians Rugby Club in Halifax. Brodstock is a family friendly music festival which raises money for several good causes, including Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Overgate Hospice, Jacob Scrimshaw Prosthetic Arm Fund, Andys Man Club, not to mention supporting local grass roots sports.

The bands and musicians who take part in the festival are all from in and around the local areas.  There is an army of volunteers, without whom the festival wouldn’t exist.  I was working alongside 5 other volunteers to help set up the toilet area for everyone to use at the festival.

My job was to help put up metal fencing to make the area for the toilets which included separate areas for the men’s, women’s, and disabled toilets. You would think that this would be quite a simple job, but it was anything but! Trying to figure out the best way to position the toilet area wasn’t easy even with six of us! The toilet area had to be a large enough cornered off space to accommodate toilets for thousands of people so that on the day they were easily accessible to everyone.

It took quite some time to set up and once this was done, we needed to make it look more presentable, so the next job was to adorn the metal fencing with large sheets of fabric. However, I’m not sure whether it did look more better as I’m not the most artistic of people, but in the end, we got the job done!

It was a very hot day so lots of water was needed to stay hydrated as well dousing myself in copious amounts of sun cream! I really enjoyed being part of the Brodstock family of volunteers, everyone worked so hard to make sure that the festival was a success.  More information about Brodstock can be found here.

I can also proudly say that there were no reports of the mental fencing that I helped put up, falling down!  I’m looking forward to next year’s CSR day and what other local events I can support.