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Man unfairly dismissed over Zoom gets help from Minster Law thanks to Legal Expenses Insurance

After being suddenly dismissed during a Zoom call, our client was able to make use of his legal expenses insurance and seek Minster Law’s help bringing a claim.

Our client was on a Zoom call with his employers when, without any prior discussion or indication his job was at risk, they dismissed him.

They alleged poor performance as a fair reason for his dismissal but had failed to follow any of the guidelines provided by the ACAS Code of Practice in relation to managing his performance, such as putting in performance improvement plants to support him and had failed to follow any disciplinary process.

Instead, they simply chose to dismiss him.

Although he was dismissed with the two months’ notice pay afforded by his contract, he was still forced into a position where he needed to find another job.

Fortunately, he was able to find alternative work relatively quickly but was still without any income for a few months.

Our client had been employed by the company for over two years and was therefore afforded protection under the Employment Rights Act 1996 against unfair dismissal and deserved compensation for the breach of his rights.

Although he had started the tribunal proceedings himself, he had the benefit of legal expense insurance, so his insurer connected him with us, and Minster were able to take over the conduct of the proceedings and ensure his case was properly handled.

Employment Solicitor Helene Brunt was assigned the case and said it was a pleasure to support the client.

Prior to our involvement, the respondents were representing themselves, refused to enter negotiations and had taken a hard line with the claimant.

However, after preparation of the evidence, and a schedule of loss clearly setting out the compensation the claimant deserved, the respondent decided to instruct solicitors who quickly made an offer. Through our expert negotiation, a settlement of the claim was achieved, and the claimant avoided the stress of attending a full tribunal hearing.

“He had been treated terribly by his former employer and we worked hard to ensure he received the compensation he deserved,” Helene said.

“Without the benefit of legal expenses insurance to fund a solicitor to represent him, it is likely that his employer would have continued to refuse to negotiate and would have forced the client to take the case all the way to a tribunal hearing.”

The client said the team assigned to support him were top-notch and Helene was “excellent, extremely professional and personable.“

“This attitude and style trickled through the rest of the team.

“I was kept up to date with any changes to my case and Helene even worked out of hours to chase me up.

In short, an exemplary service.

We won our case thanks to the hard work and diligence of Helene and the team at Minster Law.”