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ROAD SAFETY WEEK: Motorcyclist dragged under lorry receives £325k in compensation

Joanne Poynton

On 29 January 2021, our client was on his way home from work and stopped at a local petrol station to withdraw some money from the cash machine. Minutes later, he was involved in a horrific accident which saw him dragged under a lorry.

Our client started to leave the petrol station forecourt when a stationary lorry in front of him started to pull away, almost simultaneously. Unsure of which direction the lorry was going, our client stopped, but was dragged under the lorry as it took a sharp left out of the exit. Our client was horrifyingly dragged along until a passer-by waved at the driver to stop.

Our client suffered from an open fracture to the right distal fibula and a full thickness thermal injury to the medial aspect of the leg. He was unable to work and was in constant pain due to the severity of his injury.  Unfortunately, as time progressed it became apparent that his leg was not healing.  He had to have surgery to the distal fibula.  There was also a concern that he was potentially suffering from an infection.

Our client was put in touch with Minster Law’s Solicitor, Joanne Poynton and catastrophic injury paralegal, Olivia Marshall, to get him the financial support and rehabilitation he needed for his recovery.

Liability was not admitted on the case and the first offer, which amounted to £50,000, was not adequate and did not take into account the severity of the injury and ongoing losses he may face. He was unable to return to work and there was future risk of osteomyelitis – infection in the bone – that required further investigating before reaching a settlement.

Joanne Poynton and the team worked relentlessly to secure an increased settlement to cover his loss of earnings for life and any future treatment that he will need. His eventual settlement was £325,000, more than six times the increase of the original offer.

Our client and his wife said: “Thank you to Joanne and Olivia and their team for all their help from the day my husband had his motorbike accident. It’s been a very stressful and hard 18 months due to the accident and Covid. They have supported us all the way and helped to get my husband a good outcome that will help with our future.”

Joanne Poynton, associate solicitor, said: “This was a complex case to be instructed on given the circumstances of the accident, the injuries sustained, and the lack of liability admission. I’m pleased we were able to substantially increase the first offer from £50,000 to £325,000 and my client doesn’t have to worry about his future.”