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Young motorcyclists tend to have an attached stereotype, some have mopeds and superbikes as a status symbol whilst others love motorcycles from a young age.

We are fast approaching, dare I say, sunnier climates and it is widely known that with better weather, we see an increase in the number motorcyclists on the road. Some choose to drive their motorbike both professionally and socially over their car when the days are nicer. Some younger motorcycle riders may only have the option of their bike.

As an associate, I deal with serious and complex injuries for clients who are largely motorcycle riders involved in accidents that wasn’t their fault.

I have acted and continue to act for a number of younger clients between the ages of 18-25 and it is important at the outset to carefully analyse the present position in their lives such as home life, personal circumstances, employment, education, and their plans for the future.

Causation issues can arise where motorcyclists may not want to wear the full protective clothing and boots in the warmer climates or were just “nipping to the shop” when the accident happened. Getting the best expert evidence to deal with any potential causation issues that may be alleged by the defendants at the outset is extremely important.

The majority of the younger clients I have dealt with have been manual workers starting out in their careers and are climbing up the work ladder or are working towards a career in a very physically active role. The accident can cause an unsettling uncertainty for their future.

The initial rehabilitation and instruction of the right case manager for early treatment to be put in place I feel is a key aspect of getting a good prognosis of recovery, whether that be in full or part. It is important to have treatment / aids and vocational input in place to set out a rehabilitation path that is structured and beneficial to clients.

Being personable, professional, and guiding clients through the claims journey is key. If they feel they can talk to you openly about their feelings and worries for the future, it enables you to have the foundations to build a personal injury claim that would provide for them in the present and long into the future if required.

Hear from Candice’s biker clients

“My experience with Minster Law so far has been absolutely brilliant. They have been with me every step of the way since my accident, keeping me updated with everything as it happens.

Amazing customer service skills from Candice Watson in specific. I could not have asked for anyone better who ticked all boxes from emotional support, timings, check-ups, future needs and for getting the best outcome in my case.”

“After a motorcycle accident in September where I was hit by a driver pulling out of a side road, I was referred to Minster Law as part on my insurer’s legal assistance cover. I was initially concerned but Candice Watson who has been assigned to my case by Minster Law was absolutely excellent. She has gone out of her way to make the process easy and as pleasant as possible to deal with in what are very difficult circumstances for me and my wife.”