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Minster Law secures six-figure settlement for elderly man in car accident

Minster Law

The accident circumstances and injuries

Our client was driving his car when the accident took place. As our client was driving along a stretch of road, a vehicle tried to turn right from an exit without giving way, which caused a serious collision.

Our client was left very shocked and upset after the accident but seemed uninjured other than suffering from a headache. His wife collected him from the scene of the accident and took him home.

Although our client seemed to have been fine after the accident, a few days later, he began to feel dizzy and therefore visited his GP. Our client was suffering from an irregular heart rhythm and so was referred to his local cardiology department.

Unfortunately, just over a week later, our client suffered a stroke and was admitted to hospital for treatment and rehabilitation. He was later discharged around one month after his stroke.

The stroke has left our client with a sustained brain injury, and symptoms including reduced working memory, permanent visual disturbance and a depressed mood.

Our client’s life changed significantly after his accident as he struggled to tend to his garden and allotment as he found it difficult to motivate himself and frequently forgot where he had placed his tools. He also lost his interest in his various hobbies due to his injuries and the restriction in his ability to drive.

How Minster Law helped rebuild the client’s life

John Gibney, an Associate Solicitor in our serious injury team faced a challenge with this case as it had to be proven that the accident caused the stroke. This was difficult to do as it occurred two weeks after the accident. However, John was able to secure medical evidence that meant we were able to prove the link between the accident and the stroke.

On settlement we were able to secure a six-figure sum for our client plus periodical payments. This means that he will receive annual payments of a specified sum for the rest of his life.

Our client’s wife became the carer following the accident, which had been a difficult transition in their marriage. John Gibney was also able to secure the appointment of care staff to assist our client and his wife which provided respite by taking him into the community and attending support groups.