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The accident circumstances and injuries

Our client suffered serious injuries when he was in a head-on collision. He was driving with his wife and two of his children when a vehicle driving in the opposite direction crossed onto our client’s side of the road and collided with his car. Our client’s car was pushed off of the road and subsequently dropped into a ditch.

The accident left our client with severe orthopaedic injuries including an injury to his right elbow and leg. The injury to his right elbow required surgery but this caused recurrent infection which means it is left permanently unstable and prone to further infection. This therefore made everyday tasks extremely difficult.

The injury to his right leg also meant that our client needed to wear a specialist device to reduce the risk of falling and to allow him to move around on a daily basis.

Unfortunately the accident had a massive impact on our client’s life as he could no longer continue his manual work and will not be able to return to this line of work in the future. This also meant that there was a huge financial impact as a result of the accident.

The consequences of the accident did not only affect our client, but his family too. He was no longer able to play football and rugby with his youngest son, which they often did together prior to the accident.

How Minster Law helped rebuild the client’s life

When our client asked Minster Law to pursue his claim, Jonathan Bamforth, an Associate in our serious injury team immediately recognised the detrimental effect the accident had on the client and his family.

We were able to secure a settlement that provided our client with loss of earnings for life and for future accommodation. The settlement that Minster Law has been able to obtain has allowed our client and his family to buy a home that they can suitably adapt to the needs throughout his recovery.

We were also able to claim for the costs of the orthotic braces for the leg injury which will help our client’s recovery and allow a higher level of function for him, therefore improving his quality of life.