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Making a personal injury claim can be daunting for many people but particularly, if like Minster Law client Mark Gibbs, you’re dyslexic and dread facing a raft of paperwork and legal jargon.

Our experienced team knows that understanding the challenges our clients face and helping them understand the complexities of their case in uncomplicated language can make the difference between an unhappy client and a glowing testimonial or online review for Minster Law.

We became aware of Mark’s dyslexia and ensured that he was contacted regularly by phone so that we could take the time to properly explain things to him. This was particularly important given that elements of Mark’s Personal Injury claim were not straightforward.

The Solihull gardener was filtering through stationary traffic on his motorcycle in Tewkesbury in May 2016 when a vehicle pulled out from the line of traffic into collision with Mark’s motorbike. He was left with injuries to his left ankle, foot and shoulder as well as chest and kidney damage.

Liability for the motorcycle accident was never agreed with neither party accepting the blame, however we were able to advise Mark of the options available to him and settle the case to his satisfaction. We also talked him through the financial settlement to help Mark understand that the offer made to him was strong, even though he had initially expected more money.

The service and support provided by Minster Law’s Rachel Sellers was so greatly appreciated by Mark that he provided a glowing testimonial, saying: “Rachel really made all the difference in achieving me a good settlement.”