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Minster Law is committed to employee development which is why we invest heavily in continual improvement and evolution of our people and processes. We are constantly identifying ongoing training opportunities to ensure our employees are well-equipped to do the best they can for our clients.

There are training and development programmes available to all employees at all levels across the business, including our Leading Our People programme, which was established in 2015 to support our management teams. We believe that motivated and effective leaders are key to the success of the overall business, and this programme helps to equip our managers with the leadership skills they need to support their own teams.

Over the past two years, 66 delegates, including all nine members of Minster Law’s Executive team, have either undertaken or are currently undertaking the Leading Our People programme.

How does it work?

The six-month course is structured around six one or two-day modules that are held off-site to avoid distractions and, in some cases, are brought to life with the use of actors, role play scenarios and forum theatre. These modules cover a range of topics to aid the development of well-rounded managers, including self-awareness, team working, performance, coaching and fair treatment at work.

During the life of the programme, delegates are also asked to complete a project on a topic that could benefit the business as a whole. This could include identifying operational efficiencies or assessing the capabilities of our online claims tracker, Your Case, and making recommendations for improvement. All delegates are allocated a mentor who is accessible in between workshops; regular feedback from peers and direct reports are offered in addition to the final assessment and review.

What does the Leading our People alumni say?

“The foundation of the programme was the Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) and this is the one thing that has really made me change. Just taking that extra few seconds to consider people, who they are, how they might react, what motivates them, the environment, the message etc. has been key for me and has been of great benefit.”

“Overall the programme was really useful and it was great to work with colleagues across the business which has resulted in forming some really good working relationships.”

“The use of actors for role play demonstration was extremely effective. It really helped bring the session to life in a practical way. I think this was the most engaging and useful session of the whole Leading our People programme.”

For more information about career opportunities at Minster Law and our employee development programmes, please click here.