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Brain Injuries and Applying for a Headway Brain Injuries Identity Card

Minster Law

The complexities following a brain injury can make it difficult for people to ask for support, the symptoms can also be misunderstood which can compound the anxiety some of our clients feel.

This is especially the case with symptoms including slurred speech, memory problems, unsteady walking style or difficulties with controlling their emotions can cause daily problems for our clients, especially in social situations with those who aren’t aware of their condition.

A great way for a brain injury survivor to feel confident in these social situations is by carrying an official Headway Brain Injury Identity Card that confirms details of their individual symptoms and needs.

It could not be simpler to apply for one of these cards.  It is free of charge for anyone over the age of 18, who is living with the results of a brain injury can apply for one, and there’s no need to be involved with Headway either.

Children can obtain a similar card from the Child Brain Injury Trust here.  This can be updated to the Headway card once the individual reaches 18.


You will need the details of your brain injury, how it affects you and a recent passport style photograph.  It can be completed on your behalf by someone else, if you are unable to do so.

You can find out more information and apply direct here