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As a new solicitor starting out at Minster Law, Pam Dehal shares the abundance of training opportunities available to her

Seldom did I think that I would be writing about what an opportunity it is to learn something new and develop your knowledge.

We live in a world where developments are happening all around us, whether it be with technology, goods, or services.

Everyone at Minster Law has been afforded an opportunity to be a part of the wider team and as we know boundaries are being pushed and the firm is going from strength to strength.

As someone relatively new to the firm, I was impressed with the amount of time and resource that is invested in colleagues to ensure that they are provided with a platform to learn and develop the Minster Way!

I have studied to various degrees through education and work, one of the main bug bears for many people can be mandatory training. A compulsory task to take you away from your planned day of work.

But let me tell you all something: it is all about changing your mindset.

I have realised through experience that it is a privilege to work at a firm such as Minster who spend so much time and resource offering invaluable training to colleagues. The firm invests in us and offers a platform to continue to develop our knowledge whether this be mandatory training or the resources available on our training platform.

My personal experience pushed me to change my mindset. As a qualified solicitor, it is a requirement by the SRA that we keep our knowledge up to date and continue to develop. Having previously worked for large law firms in the claimant personal injury sector, training was something that I took for granted.

Having been though situations such as being made redundant and working for smaller firms that offer next to no training, I pondered as to how it would be possible to complete my Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

I was fortunate to become a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) at the early stages of my legal career as part of my commitment to my personal development.

I could lean on APIL not only to obtain recognised accreditations and specialisms along my career, but they also offer a platform to complete CPD and network with other legal professionals. It is even great to know that training at Minster is acknowledged by APIL and can be used towards your CPD log.

I urge everyone in the legal sector to take responsibility for their own personal development, which is as simple as at least once per month to check in on your training diary.

The next time you have some mandatory training to complete, think of it an opportunity for your personal development because knowledge is power!