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Being someone who has always been fascinated by policing, law, and the concept of helping people, I truly feel Minster Law has helped me achieve the six ultimate beliefs in my life – love, care, share, joy, help, and hope.

My journey at Minster Law began as a Serious Injury Costs Assistant who was freshly out of university with a degree in policing and investigation. The role was somewhat different from what I wanted but I stuck to it with sheer determination.

At the beginning, I had no understanding of what costs is and the impact it has on the business. However, as I gained more experience, I quickly realised the importance it holds and why it is such a huge element for the business. The role enabled me to build some integral connections and it also provided me with the opportunity to make lifelong friends with who teamwork was amazing! Minster Law holds a huge part of my heart as everyone here is so lovely, friendly, and supportive – the working environment is excellent.

Furthermore, the costs role also provided me with recognition to the point where certain individuals approached me with tasks directly. I did this role for two years and have since moved on to becoming a paralegal. However, some of my colleagues still call me to date in relation to costs queries. This is the reason why I feel I have never really moved on from the costs role. It is a really positive thing for me as I have learnt lifelong skills and it makes me happy to know I can support others. Today, I can confidently say I know what costs are and the importance it holds.

In contrast, the paralegal role has provided me with a whole new perspective of claims in general. Before, I only knew the costs side which comes at the end of the claim. But now I know how a claim works from the beginning to the end. I really enjoy my new role as everyday is a learning day and there is always something new that comes out. This role also relates to my degree, and I love the investigation side to it. I work with a grade A solicitor who is a brain injury specialist and I have a good working relationship with him. He is very helpful and has a lot of knowledge which he enjoys sharing with me. I feel a good working bond and critical feedback is crucial for development as it shows you what you need to improve and that will enable you to become a better version of yourself.

Being a paralegal has opened the doors of having direct contact with clients for me as the costs role did not have this at all. I feel client contact is valuable in what we do as it assures clients that we are here to support them, and they are not living through this challenging time on their own.

In conjunction, both roles play a crucial part in my life – they are like the path of joy for me. They have made me realise how important it is to always support one another in a time of need and on a daily basis in general. I thoroughly enjoy working at Minster Law and look forward to future endeavours!

Minster Law’s serious injury team is one of the largest in the UK, with specialists in head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, and injuries resulting in amputation and limb damage. Find out more about working in serious injury and what opportunities are available in the team.