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Building our bike partnerships – the benefits of working with Minster Law

We understand bikers and what’s important to them.  We know that for many it’s a way of life rather than just a mode of transport and therefore we fully appreciate the implications accidents can have on our clients and their day to day lives.

We’re proud to be a market leader with one of the largest and most experienced bike teams in the UK, handling more claims than any other – we currently service 40% of the bike insurance market exclusively.

This means we have unrivalled knowledge and insights of the sector, and we fully understand the pain points and challenges faced by insurers and brokers.

We take relationships with our partners very seriously.  We’ve worked hard to ensure that five key areas – collaboration, onboarding, the customer journey, market share growth and financial stability are carefully managed and tailored to each partner to ensure they are getting maximum benefit.

Breaking down barriers through collaboration

We break down barriers: Collaboration with our partners is a given, but we go further by leveraging relationships with TPIs to reduce any friction, delays, and unnecessary costs.

And we can do this because we have the scale and expertise of our specialist bike team, and our fine-tuned tried and tested integration methods.

We’re proud of our partner relationships, adding value to our insurers and brokers alike.  Whether that is through collaborative marketing campaigns and market research, or providing you with insights and solutions to help reduce fraud and protect indemnity on fault claims, we are always looking for ways to support and value to our partners.


We’ve worked hard to ensure our onboarding process is seamless with hassle-free implementation and smooth integration in a manner which reflects your brand.

We tailor everything we do around you and your requirements – flexing and scaling as needed​.

Regardless of the number of claims you deal with every month; we can guarantee that the switch will be effortless.  We will understand your brand, integrate with your customer journey, integrate with your FNOL provider, and quickly get to grips with your data and compliance requirements.

We handle the effort of implementation making it seamless for you.

All this and we can be up and running in less than a week.

Customer journey

From the initial customer engagement, consistency of brand across all marketing channels, setting out customer service expectations and agreeing on data sharing and compliance matters, we will work with you to go through the whole customer journey.

For most of our partners this process is usually straightforward.

Our specialists will follow a mutually agreed procedure for making calls and following scripts.  Your customers will get straight into our specialist bike teams.

We know how important every single customer is.  At any point in time, we know exactly where every customer claim is giving you peace of mind and means you are always in control.

Customer acquisition and retention – how to grow and retain market share

We’ll help you grow and retain market share through dynamic and innovative biker journeys. Not only that, we’ll provide mission support to help amplify your campaigns and reach your goals.