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Helping our client back to pre-accident health following a motorcycle collision

Our client was riding his motorbike and as he was about to take a left turning a car collided with the rear of his bike. This was a deliberate act by the driver of the car, as prior to this there had been an altercation between the two drivers.  Just before the collision, our client heard a horn and shouting coming from the defendant saying that he shouldn’t be on the road as he ‘wasn’t on a road legal bike’. Our client tried his best to get away, but the defendant drove into the rear of the motorbike.

The collision caused the motorbike to spin round, which led to our client coming off his bike and hitting the car’s bonnet and windscreen with the left side of his body. In doing so he injured his shoulders, and the whole left side of his body including arm, knee, ankle, hip and leg.

Our client also went on to suffer from headaches and some psychological symptoms and faced some struggles in his day-to-day life, the worst being that he was unable to work, which resulted in him losing his job.

The team here at Minster Law proceeded to arrange a course of physiotherapy as a priority to try and aid our client’s recovery.

Meanwhile the third-party insurance company initially confirmed their interest in the claim however failed to provide any admission of liability. We therefore requested the police report as we understood the police had taken statements from witnesses and this would support our client’s claim.

On disclosing this to the insurance company we requested an admission of liability once again.

We continued to chase for a formal admission of liability when an offer was made by the insurance company to settle the claim in full.  The offer was very generous, and our client was extremely happy to accept as it exceeded his expectations of what he might receive.

In feedback he praised the “fantastic” Minster Law saying we kept him up to date every step of the way and were a pleasure to work with.  We believed our client was very deserving of the offer awarded and he confirmed it would put him back in the position he was pre-accident which is always our ultimate goal.

Leading the case for Minster Law, Aneshia Bostan said, “My aim for each and every one of my clients is to obtain the compensation that they deserve and to put them back in the position that they were in pre-accident. My client on this case had explained to me in extreme detail how much the accident had impacted him, from discussing his psychological symptoms due to the accident circumstances all the way to him losing his job.”

I felt it was my job to make the third-party insurance company aware of all this, as my client was worried that he would end up losing out due to an accident that was in no way his fault. When the insurance company made the generous offer for the entire claim, the client was delighted and was so thankful for my help. Achieving this was very satisfying as I felt I had done my job and was delighted the client was happy with my help and guidance.”