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Motorcyclist to return to good function following extensive rehabilitation

John Gibney

While riding his motorbike through the village of Tydd Gote, Cambridgeshire, in October 2018 a 52-year-old medical engineer became involved in a life-altering collision.

It was shortly after 7pm on a Wednesday evening when the Suzuki GSF motorcycle he was riding collided with a car as it turned right out of a junction crossing into his path.

The motorcyclist sustained injuries across his body including a minor traumatic brain injury, dental injuries including loss of front teeth, compression fractures to his pelvis, genital and internal injuries causing erectile dysfunction and vascular injury.

He had dislocated his left shoulder, ruptured tendons in the right, had hairline fractures in both clavicles, a sprain to his right wrist, fracture of the left knee and laceration to the lower left leg.

Following the accident, he also developed a groin hernia and psychological injury.

He was put in touch with the team at Minster Law and associate solicitor John Gibney.

John worked quickly to obtain interim payments on behalf of the motorcyclist to assist his financial position due to needing an extensive period of absence from work following the accident.

He also arranged for a case manager to oversee his rehabilitation and to arrange private treatment where delays were being experienced in the NHS.

“John Gibney was in charge of my case and he was extremely helpful and always able to help me,” the client said.

“I would not have got through this without him and his teams help, cannot recommend enough – the best law firm by miles.”

The motorcyclist received an extensive course of private physiotherapy and a gym-based programme to carry out therapeutic exercise, all while commencing a course of psychological treatment to manage ongoing depressive and PTSD symptoms.

He was also seen by a private urologist to address his erectile dysfunction, atrophic right testicle and loss of penile length and following the review of a CT scan was referred for surgery to deal with the groin hernia.

As a result of high levels of ongoing pain, the client was referred privately to a pain consultant who diagnosed chronic lower lumbar back pain and pain in the tailbone following the pelvic injury.

Due to the difficult nature of his injuries and the work of his solicitor John, the rehabilitation he received was intensive.

His eventual settlement of over £600k will compensate him for his likely future loss of earnings, but it is the provision for the costs of care and funding for private coverage of all future medical treatment, which will massively benefit him.