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Minster Law offers training contracts to equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need to have a full understanding of how a law firm works and the experience to make things happen. Our trainee solicitors have responsibility from day one and we provide them with support so they can make decisions that will influence the future of our business.

By the end of your contract you will have the confidence to support your customers, colleagues and community. Tamina Aslam is just one of our trainees who have reached the halfway point of their contract and can share her experiences so far.

How long have you been at Minster Law?

I joined Minster Law just over two years ago after graduating from university, joining Minster Law’s training team. I have since then worked in the specialist bike team after which I worked in the finance area of the business part-time whilst I studied for my LPC full time. I then went on to start my training contract in September 2019.

How did you find the assessment day?

I found the assessment day to be a great opportunity to learn more about other areas of the business that I hadn’t had as much interaction with as well as ask them questions around what is expected in the seats they oversee. It is also a great chance to talk to current and previous trainees and get a real insight into how they find the training contract and get an insight into what life as a trainee at Minster is like.

What seats have you done so far?

I have done my serious injury and bike seat so far and am currently in my business development seat. Each of the seats have been so different and allow me to develop varying skills in different ways. We’re are given the ability to be involved in so many different aspects of each department which is a great way for us to see how the business as a whole works.

What’s been your highlight so far? 

I sounds cliché but I have honestly enjoyed everything! I have been given the opportunity to attended various hearings and meetings with Counsel which has helped me learn in a completely different way and as we assist on these complex cases and it was great to see how work you had done can help bring the clients claim to a successful conclusion.

Minster have a big commitment to giving back to the community and I have really enjoyed getting involved in this side of the business. One highlight for me has been being able to help run a week of work experience for students from Wakefield College and help them throughout the week with their research task.

Are you finding the training contract supportive?

Yes absolutely, we are given support and guidance in all the aspects of our training contract. The support we are given is not just from those who oversee the trainees but also the business as a whole. In the various seats I have been in sometimes advice or help is needed from outside those immediately around you and at Minster everyone is always willing to provide that support to us.

Careers at Minster Law

We look for people who can be their selves and embrace our values: Stand Together, Be Courageous and Find a Way. Minster Law is committed to providing a trainee solicitor programme that is accessible to all. You can find out more about our training contracts here and our vacancies here.