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Serious injury clients still getting therapy and support during Covid-19

Minster Law

Patient sitting on bed with nurse holding prosthetic limb.

Minster Law principal solicitor Jonathan Bamforth is one of a dedicated team of specialists still working hard from home to ensure our clients get the best support we can provide during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A specialist in brain and spinal cord injury Jonathan works with some of Minsters most vulnerable clients on a daily basis.

Covid-19 has created new challenges in the way we interact with our clients and the serious injury team are adapting the way they work to ensure we are still able to offer clients the best service during this unprecedented time.

For one of our clients, a client with a very severe brain injury, a collaboration between ourselves and our clients therapy team has been necessary to ensure continuity of treatment and input.

“He has an excellent case manager who co-ordinates his support and therapies,” Jonathan said.

“His support workers have been prepared to provide support since the restrictions have been put in place, but one has had to self isolates which has created gaps.”

Reasonable adjustments have been made to ensure his occupational therapist and physio are still able to see him safely to ensure any gaps in support are filled as far as possible.

We are also supporting a client with severe orthopaedic and urological issues who has a very intensive rehab team around him, which has been arranged by another very good case manager, Jonathan said.

“In that case – although things like hydrotherapy have had to be put on hold – he has been able to continue to receive input from the rest of his team (physio, personal trainer, neuropsychologist) and has received a continuity of domestic assistance which means that progress has been maintained without much of a drop off to date.”

Quick thinking and initiative were required to ensure one of our new cases, a client who has sustained a devastating bleed on the brain, got the early input she requires.

“We had an Immediate Needs Assessment carried out in relation to her case within 24 hours of sending the instruction to the case management company.”

Minster Law act on behalf of many catastrophically injured clients but, – through our hard work and dedication – we have managed to keep our client’s rehabilitation and treatment on track so that they receive the care that they so desperately need and deserve.