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As the country begins to come to terms with social distancing, isolation and adapting lifestyles, it’s becoming more apparent that Covid-19 will have a significant impact on the most vulnerable members of our society and the resulting impact on the NHS will be huge.

Minster is committed to supporting colleagues who want to help in any way they can. At Minster, supporting the local community is part of who we are and the business offers one volunteering day per colleague annually so they can support causes close to their hearts. To make it as easy as possible for colleagues to help the local community or national schemes during the Covid-19 crisis, Minster has reset the clock on volunteering days. Regardless of whether our colleagues have already volunteered this financial year, all colleagues will be given a paid volunteering day to be used during the next few months as we work through this crisis. With 496 colleagues at Minster, this equates to 496 ways we can help our communities.

Shirley Woolham, CEO at Minster, says: “At Minster we have a long and tangible history of helping others and giving back. These are unprecedented times and our communities need our help more than ever: an act of kindness can have a massive impact on an individual’s life.”

“I’m proud our people at Minster are still eager to offer their support during this challenging time. A number of our colleagues have already signed up as NHS volunteers and others are creating volunteering initiatives that can continue to support our communities whilst observing the current government guidelines.”

“Like many businesses in these testing times charities will also struggle. Many of the charities and organisations we support at Minster often rely heavily on donations.  We want to do all we can to help these important services to navigate these difficult waters to make sure they are still able to support our communities and people in need. Therefore, we are urging any local charity in West Yorkshire which is struggling to please get in touch”.

To learn more about our corporate social responsibility, click here.