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Minster Law dedicates Spinal Injury Awareness Week to Pinderfields Spinal Unit Recreational Fund

Minster Law

In association with our partnership with S.U.R.F (Spinal Unit Recreational Fund), a charity which operates at Pinderfields Spinal Injury Unit in Wakefield, we hosted various fundraising activities during Spinal Injury Awareness Week in order to raise funds to support the incredible work the charity carries out.

During the week, we were joined by numerous specialists, who are all part of the wider caregiving team, including Bridge Case Management, 9 Gough Square and spinal surgeon at Pinderfields, Mr Raza. Each specialist shared their knowledge and expertise surrounding spinal injuries and advised how we can help achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We also hosted various fundraising activities, including a quiz, bake sale and raffle, which allowed us to raise an impressive £1,400.

Joanne Poynton, Serious Injury Solicitor who was involved in organising the event, said: “When I first met S.U.R.F I knew instantly that I wanted to help and be actively involved with the charity. The work they do is incredible, more so as they are former patients and nurses from the ward that give up their free time to help others”.

“What I have learnt from meeting S.U.R.F and Mr Raza is that once you have been on the spinal injury unit you become part of a family that will be there for you for the rest of your life”.

The partnership with S.U.R.F forms part of Minster Law’s CSR programme, which is dedicated to supporting the local community via a raft of activities and the investment of £100,000.

Minster Law will continue to host various events for the charity over the next 12 months in order to raise funds to support the patients and ensure they are able to enjoy life whilst they are on the road to recovery.