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We take a proactive approach when it comes to the development of our people.

People Progression is an ongoing programme that helps support our managers with the essential skills they need to carry out their role effectively. Modules range from coaching and feedback, to running effective team meetings and Human Resources skills.

People Progression is one of the biggest development programmes we have at Minster Law, with 32 managers currently on the programme from across the business. We caught up with team leaders Steph Jackson and Georgia Grimshaw to find out how People Progression is helping to develop their people management skills.

How have you found the programme so far?

Georgia: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t expect the extent of how much in-depth training I was going to receive when I accepted the role of a Team Leader. I was very nervous from the outset of training as I was unsure if I knew enough about my new role or what it was going to involve. I’ve attended all the sessions that have been offered to me, nine sessions so far since October 2017, and I have a further two sessions booked in the coming months.

Steph: I have really enjoyed learning about higher level processes and developing my leadership skills.

What have you found most useful about the programme to date?

Georgia: Every session I have found useful and insightful. The main sessions that stand out were the HR Essentials training. I’ve had very little contact with the HR department personally in my time at Minster Law and the day covered a lot of essential subjects that I may encounter in the near future.

Steph: I have found the support provided from all departments useful and being able to make contacts through the business.

Which workshop do you feel has helped you most in your day-to-day role?

Georgia: The sessions that have really made a difference are effective one-to-ones, feedback and coaching techniques. Feedback and coaching is something as a Team Leader you do every day, whether that is verbally or via email. I have booked one-to-ones, once a month, with each of my team members and I am now confident on what needs to be discussed in these meetings.

Steph: Time Management, although this is a work in progress! I’ve taken on board hints and tips and have started colour co-ordinating my planner.

How have you found balancing your day job with your personal development?

Georgia: It’s still early days for me at the moment with my development as I started my role in November with a full case load. This was gradually reduced over the months and I am now finding the balance a lot easier.  A lot of my personal development has come from being supported by the other Team Leaders who have been in the role several months longer than I have.

Steph: I have found this really challenging, I am working a dual role at present but I am learning to adjust my priorities and to put my own development first.

What parts of the role are you enjoying the most?

Georgia: The most enjoyable part of my new role is coaching, sitting down with my team and assisting trainees. I love being able to support others and guide them. It’s still early days but I am seeing people develop and improve their performance at work with my assistance, which is a great aspect of the role.

Steph: I’m really enjoying the personal side of the role and developing new relationships with my colleagues. I’m really grateful for having the opportunity to have training to support when dealing with difficult situations.

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