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Minster Law responds to Justice Select Committee report into whiplash

Minster Law

Responding to the Justice Committee report into whiplash,* Michael Warren, managing director of Minster Law, said:

“The Committee’s conclusions are a powerful endorsement of our view that the government’s personal injury reform agenda is poorly thought through.”

“The Committee has listened to evidence from all parties and come down hard against the government and other supporters of the current proposals.”

“The MPs are especially concerned about the impact on claimants, and we have said all through that the government’s first priority is to guarantee that genuinely injured people are properly served by the justice system.”

“We are also pleased that the Committee has underlined our call for vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians, to be removed from the scope of the reforms altogether.”

The Committee has made clear that access to justice is under threat. This report is a timely reminder to Parliament to urge ministers to rethink their entire strategy and come up with measures that meet the public need, namely a ban on cold calling and making sure injured people have the means they need to gain redress for their injuries.”

* Small Claims limit for Personal Injury