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Leicestershire biker’s poignant message coincides with the start of the new motorcycling season

As we officially welcome the longer days and lighter nights of the British Summer Time, a Leicestershire motorcyclist is urging other motorists to stay vigilant of the increasing number of motorcycles on the road. The milder weather historically encourages more recreational motorcyclists but as a consequence, the number of motorcycle accidents increases significantly during the Spring.*

In 2013, Patrick Kearns was forced to spend more than two months in hospital after being in a road traffic accident involving another vehicle. He is still unable to remember anything from his accident or that day – his first recollection was waking up in hospital after being put in an induced coma.

Pat’s injuries included a serious brain injury, broken arm and collarbone and he’d suffered multiple rib and spinal fractures. However, with the support of interim payments secured by Minster Law, he was able to begin a rehabilitation programme including physiotherapy and regular gym sessions to aid his recovery. Despite a positive start, the constant pain Pat suffered from his injuries meant he was unable to maintain such an intensive rehabilitation programme and he had to retire from his job as a team manager at his local council due to ill health.

Almost four years on, Pat is still living with the effects of his injuries. “I still can’t believe how much my life changed in an instant,” he says. “It’s really put into perspective what an impact careless driving can have on someone’s life.

“As the warmer months approach, there are more motorcyclists on the road and I want to raise awareness of this. I think more people need to consider the safety of those on two wheels and I urge all road users to always look twice before pulling out into the road.”

Pat is still unable to walk long distances because of his back injuries, weakness on his right side and he is on permanent medication which affects his day-to-day routine. However, with the support of Minster Law, Pat has now been able to move into a larger, more accessible bungalow, making it is easier for him to live with his difficulties.

“My bungalow makes it so much easier for me to move around and I now have something to look forward to, as I’ll be able to keep on top of my new garden and use my electric bike in the summer,” continues Pat. “Without the support of David Sears and the rest of the team at Minster Law, as well as the team that comes round to check on my progress, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. They’ve all helped me tremendously.”

Source: * https://www.gov.uk/government/news/think-urges-motorcyclists-to-stay-in-control