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Oswestry resident, Freddy Lindup was left injured and unemployed following a motorcycle accident caused by another motorist. The 27-year-old is now encouraging other road users to be more vigilant of motorcyclists by supporting Minster Law’s biker awareness campaign.

Freddy was riding along the same route he routinely took to work when a motorist failed to see his motorcycle and pulled out in his path. Freddy collided with the car and was thrown over the bonnet, landing in the middle of the road. The accident left him with life-changing injuries, including the internal rupture of his spleen, resulting in surgery. This procedure also leaves him at risk of future medical complications.

Freddy also suffered multiple fractures to his arms and legs and was left with unsightly scarring as a result of numerous operations and soft tissue damage.

Freddy hopes that Minster Law’s biker awareness campaign will serve as a reminder to motorists to pay extra attention to trying to see bikers as the summer riding season begins.

Freddy Lindup commented: “I hope that supporting this campaign ensures that something positive comes out of my accident and the difficult period that followed. Minster Law were a great support throughout the whole process; a team of four people were vital in securing the help I needed to regain some independence and fought to ensure that I have everything that I will need in the future. If I can help them to raise enough awareness to prevent even one more accident, this campaign will be worthwhile.”

Minster law used their specialist expertise in the motorcycle accident claims industry to support Freddy through his rehabilitation and supported him through regular contact and carefully guiding him through the litigation process. He was appointed a vocational case manager to assist his search to gain further work after being dismissed from his job as a cleaner on medial grounds that he was no longer deemed fit to work in his role.

Freddy’s settlement alleviated the financial burden from the accident and his job loss. Although Freddy doesn’t wish to get back on a motorcycle, the Minster Law team helped him to achieve above and beyond his expectation and put the experience of the collision behind him.

Behind the scenes of Minster Law’s bike safety campaign.