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Norfolk resident Graham Butcher was riding his motorcycle on the A10 Lynn Road in Kings Lynn four years ago when he was hit by another driver who failed to see him. The 33-year-old former police officer is now urging other motorists to look out for motorcycles on the road by spearheading a biker awareness campaign on behalf of Minster Law.


Graham’s accident, in which a large agricultural machine turned into the path of his motorcycle, impacted his life significantly and led to his early retirement from the police force. As a result of the incident, he sustained painful injuries including complex fractures to his left foot and ankle as well as knee damage that required surgery. In addition, his left shoulder was fractured, he sustained bruising to his lungs and was left with numerous cuts and bruises that caused scarring. Although rehabilitation was considered, Graham was unable to regain the health and fitness required for his role as a police officer.

Determined to move forward, the father of three has since retrained as a mortgage advisor and has refused to let the accident dampen his passion and enthusiasm for riding.

Graham was keen to be part of Minster Law’s biker awareness campaign and underwent six hours of studio-based painting in order to create the illusion of invisibility for the high impact image. It’s hoped that the picture and campaign will serve as a reminder to motorists to pay extra attention to trying to see bikers as the summer riding season begins.

Graham commented: “I was delighted to be asked to front this campaign and I hope its impact ensures that something positive comes out of my accident and the difficult recovery period that followed. Minster Law were a great support throughout the whole process and helped to ensure that I received the help I needed to get my life back on track as quickly as possible.

“Their experience with biking accidents was important, particularly because the rural nature of the road I was injured on meant there were no independent witnesses. If I can help them to raise enough awareness to prevent even one accident, I’ll be happy.”

Like Graham, Freddy Lindup, Mr. Hughes and Jean Kelly all have stories to tell to help ensure more drivers remain vigilant of bikers on the road.