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Cornwall resident Mr Hughes, had only recently passed his motorcycle test when he was involved in a road collision that left him with life-changing paralysis. The 21-year-old is now urging other motorists to be more vigilant of motorcycles on the road by supporting a biker awareness campaign on behalf of Minster Law.

Mr Hughes was just 17 years old when another motorist cut a corner at a junction, causing a collision that led to him sustaining a spinal cord injury at the chest, resulting in complete paraplegia. The accident also caused a traumatic brain injury and numerous fractures.

Now living independently, with support from his brother and commercial care providers, Mr Hughes is wheelchair-dependent for mobility. He is keen to help ensure that motorists are more aware of bikers on UK roads to avoid more accidents, like his, happening.

Mr Hughes hopes that Minster Law’s biker awareness campaign will serve as a reminder to motorists to pay extra attention to trying to see bikers as the summer riding season begins.

Mr Hughes commented: “I hope that supporting this campaign ensures that something positive comes out of my accident and the difficult period that followed. Minster Law were a great support throughout the whole process; a team of four people were vital in securing the help I needed to regain some independence and fought to ensure that I have everything that I will need in the future. If I can help them to raise enough awareness to prevent even one more accident, this campaign will be worthwhile.”

* SOURCES: Department for Transport, Reported Road Casualties Great Britain: 2012.

Behind the scenes of Minster Law’s biker awareness campaign