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A motorcyclist, who sustained serious injuries when a car collided with his motorcycle at a roundabout, is looking forward to Christmas with his children after receiving the settlement he needed to build a new life.

In the accident, Dave suffered a traumatic brain injury, a fractured wrist and damage to his back and shoulder leading to profound life-changing consequences. He struggled with concentration and cognitive problems at work, had difficulties in his marriage due to the subsequent change in personality and found it hard to maintain a social life. As a result, his marriage broke down and he was forced to leave his job on health grounds.

However, despite a court initially ruling against him, a successful appeal saw Dave – with our help – win a significant compensation package to help rebuild his life and start to enjoy the time he has with his two young children. Thanks to Minster Law choosing to continue supporting Dave through his initial setback, his outlook is now more positive and he has new found confidence about the steps he has taken, and continues to take, towards an improved life.