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Steven Pollard

Serious Injury File Handler

I have worked in law for approximately 20 years and have 15 years of experience in dealing with serious injury cases. I have dealt with a wide range of case types including RTA’s, Slip and Trip Accidents, Accidents at Work, Product Liability, Animals Act cases. I also have experience dealing with Data Breach cases.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

I am passionate about getting the best possible outcome for my client. I like to build a good relationship and rapport with clients and ensure that they get as much support as quickly as possible including arranging early rehabilitation to ensure they have the best chance of recovery.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

Away from work, I am married and have two children, a boy aged 10 and a girl, aged 4. Much of my time is spent with my family but when I do get some free time, I enjoy video games and movies. I also enjoy sports and I train martial arts twice per week.