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Philip Austick

Serious Injury Associate

I began work in the legal profession as a paralegal in a high street practice before I qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives in 1994 and later, went on to qualify as a Solicitor in 2010. Throughout my career, I have worked within the personal injury field, choosing to develop my career by specialising in complex and high value serious injury cases. I have experience and a wide knowledge base through representing, mostly Claimants, in road traffic, employer’s liability claims having represented members of the military and emergency services including those working within the NHS. I also have a special interest in cases where automatism is alleged as a complete defence.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

On a day to day basis, I enjoy the variety of the work because no two claims are the same and each claim brings challenges in its own separate way. I enjoy both leading and working with a strong team and helping develop their own careers whilst, at the same time, using the combined skills the team has to support each client through their own personal claims journey. I particularly enjoy meetings with clients throughout the claim process, from an early stage of obtaining instructions, arranging their rehabilitation, and supporting them through this to and meeting them at a settlement conference, or being with them at a trial. Being able to explain each stage of the claims journey, provide reassurance, and manage expectations and any uncertainty or worries brought about by the injuries sustained or the financial consequences of the injuries is satisfying to reflect upon at the end of a working day. In my current role as an Associate, I am passionate about the collective success within the serious injury department and the professional development of junior colleagues. I am fortunate to be associated with some of the best technical Serious Injury Lawyers in the country at Minster Law, which puts me at both the giving and receiving end of sharing with colleagues valuable advice and information on areas of experience, law, practice and tactics which helps to maintain high standards within the department and provide clients with the best available advice.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

I enjoy skiing whenever possible and country walks; I am fortunate to live on the edge of the Pennine Way which offers some of the most beautiful and scenic views. I try to keep fit walking and going to the gym and I enjoy DIY.

"Phil has been very professional and fully committed to my case the whole way through. Whether he’s at work or in his personal time he will be a phone call away, always had my best interest in mind. Couldn’t fault him, absolutely brilliant"


"I was knocked of my motorbike back in Sept 2015, Minster Law were appointed to take care of my case. My case was handled by 2 solicitors, then passed and settled with Philip Austick. My case was finally settled Sept 2020. From start to finish Minster Law, Philip and his team have handled my case with extreme professionalism, compassion, support, expertise, consistency and excellent communication which has led to a positive outcome with my case. 5 years has been a long drawn out challenging complex experience for Philip and his team but theIr resilience and expertise has definitely demonstrated to me Minster Law’s reputation as one of the best Solicitors in personal injury claims. I can’t thank Philip Austick and his team, and Minster Law for their services and outcome of my case. I would definitely highly recommend Minster Law to anyone seeking legal services to handle their claims."


"Minster Law was helping my husband with a case but sadly he passed away. I rang the firm just to inform them of his death and to find out what the way forward would be. Philip Austick was very helpful throughout. I had no hope and just wanted the case to be closed. Philip spoke about my husband in a way that was reassuring. Faced with a complex case of someone who had died without providing the firm with critical evidence for the case I strongly believed there was nothing the firm could do. Philip had to deal with a grieving wife but he was so empathetic, holistic in his approach and made an otherwise difficult situation seem bearable. I am truly thankful for his professionalism I highly recommend him."


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