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Matthew Itson

Senior Serious Injury File Handler

I joined Minster Law in 2014 and have worked with the Serious Injury Team from the start. I first worked as a paralegal, assisting on catastrophic injury claims whilst completing my LPC and was then awarded a training contract by Minster. Upon qualifying as a solicitor, I stayed with the serious injury team, handling my own caseload of serious injury claims.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

It’s definitely being able to help my clients and their families through a terrible and unexpected time in their lives. This means not only getting them the right amount of compensation at the end of the claim, but also ensuring that the whole process is clearly explained and they receive the support they deserve throughout, whether it be case management, treatment or an interim payment to help ends meet. My aim is to ensure that my clients can focus on their recovery and therapy and not let the claim overwhelm them at a time when this is the last thing they need.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

Free time is a luxury when you have young children, so I make the most of looking after them and cherishing these moments together. Ask me again in 10 years’ time!

MinsterLaw handled a motorcycle accident I had. The solicitor they gave me was Matthew Itson. He was outstanding! He was always friendly and made everything easy to understand. From reviewing medical records to booking appointments for me to see specialist consultants and everything in between, Matthew never made a single mistake. I would recommend MinsterLaw to anyone. Thank you MinsterLaw and thank you Matthew!


"I would like to say a great big thank you to Minster Law and in particular, Matthew Itson for taking my case and giving me great advice at all times. It took longer than expected to settle the case but your expertise and patience kept me going. Thank you Matthew, I really appreciate all your help. Highly recommended!"


I was involved in a serious RTA almost 6 years ago, Minster law handled the claim from start to finish. Around 3 years into the claim Matthew Itson took over the case and the value he added was astonishing. Every decision made led to more supportive evidence therefore greatly strengthening our position. The final settlement was over 200% more than the offer made by the other party prior to Matthew taking over my case. I would like to personally thank Matthew for his hard work and dedication on my case, I was certainly lucky to have him.