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Joanne Peacock

Director of Operations – Serious Injury

My role as Director of Operations is to ensure we achieve the three Cs. Firstly, that our colleagues have a fantastic journey at Minster Law, ensuring they feel supported, are capable to do the role and love to come to work and harness our culture and values. Secondly, that our customers achieve the right outcome and have the support they need on their road to recovery. Finally, the commercials, and that we deliver the right financial outcome for our shareholders. All are intrinsically linked and equal in value to me. I have worked in the legal industry for 18 years now, starting out in the industry working in the contact centre for a law firm in Doncaster. Over the nine years there, I progressed from a contact centre colleague to resource planner, to data analyst, to project coordinator, to operations manager, before moving to Simpson Millar for four years and I am now at Minster Law. The three national law firms I have worked have all been specialists in volume work so it’s fair to say I like working in firms that disrupt the market and work to deliver excellent outcomes for everyone.