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We will brief you before you go to court and your file handler will instruct a barrister to represent you. When you get to court you will go through security scanners, similar to those airports. Please allow extra time to go through security as there will likely be queues. You will be asked to empty your pockets and you will either have to walk through an archway detector or be checked with a handheld scanner.

You will need to inform reception why you are there and the receptionist will direct you to sit outside the courtroom where you will meet with your barrister. The barrister will discuss your claim and the court process further,  and answer any questionsou may have.

Most courtrooms are arranged similarly, with the judge on a raised platform and the lawyers below.

There is often a court stenographer there to note down the evidence which is given. The barristers sit facing the judge and there may be room for you to sit behind your barrister. Otherwise, you will have to sit in the general seating area at the back of the court. You may, if you wish, be present during the whole proceedings – we will advise you when you must be there.

As we emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic, some appointments may continue to be arranged remotely. Video and telephone conferencing provide access to a court from a remote location, allowing you to attend your hearing whilst observing our government’s current social distancing guidelines. Access to a screen with a camera and microphone is needed for video conferencing and available methods include, but are not limited to, Skype for business, Zoom, and BT MeetMe. If you are attending via telephone call you will receive instructions on how to dial in.