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What are the major changes that affect me?

Annie Wescott

There are a lot of major and minor changes but we think these are the headline areas effecting the consumer;

  • The introduction of fixed tariffs which are much lower than the current average. E.g. £240 for 0-3 month whiplash compared to the pre-reform £1,500 average.
  • A new online system produced by the Motor Insurance Bureau so claimants can register their claim and represent themselves if they want to do so.
  • Unrepresented claimants will need to pay the £180 cost of a medical report up front if the insurers do not admit liability for the accident.
  • If liability is disputed an unrepresented claimant would need to wait until they have won an admission of liability at court before being able to moved forward with a medical report. Due to the effect of Covid-19 the current wait time for a personal injury case in court is 51* weeks. (*based on civil-justice-statistics-quarterly-october-to-december-2020).