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You should only reject your report for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Errors in your personal details recorded in your report (this does not include spelling mistakes)
  • Incorrect accident circumstances in the report
  • You have injuries that have been incorrectly reported or are missing from the report
  • Effects to your daily lifestyle incorrectly reported or missing from the report
  • If you choose to reject your report, we will contact you directly to discuss this in more detail. There is very little scope for amendment of the report, particularly if the amendment relates to some information that you did not give to the doctor at the time of the examination. Please note that this may result in delays in progressing your claim.
  • Anyone whose accident was on May 31st 2021 or after should note that the rules state once the medical report is sent to the other side there will then be no further opportunity for the claimant to challenge the factual accuracy of the medical report