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I didn’t provide consent but now I have changed my mind

Annie Wescott

As this is a setting on your own device we cannot change this for you. However, you can search the below instructions on how to enable notifications in your browser.

1. Open chrome
2. At the top right corner, click More (this may look like three dots in a vertical line) -> Settings or if you’re a Mac user, from the menu bar at the top, select Chrome -> Preferences
3. Choose Security and Privacy -> Site setting -> Notifications.
4. Next to “Allow,” click Add. Enter the site https://portal.minsterlaw.co.uk/ and click Add.

Firefox – Mac only
1. Go to menu -> Firefox -> Preferences -> Privacy and Security -> Settings
2. Click allow next the INK website address

Firefox – Windows
1. Click on the menu icon (will look like 3 lines) in the top right corner next to the home icon
2. Choose Privacy & security
3. Scroll down to permissions
4. Find notifications and click “settings” to the right options -> content
4. Choose from the list of sites INK and set the status to allow

Safari – Mac only
1. Go to Safari in the top menu
2. Select Preferences -> Websites -> Notifications
3. Select Allow or Deny to enable or disable notifications from the list of websites.

Microsoft Edge
1. Select the more icon in the top right corner
2. Settings -> Cookies and site permissions -> notifications
3. Select add and choose INK