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I didn’t provide consent for notifications, but now I have changed my mind


As this is a setting on your own device we cannot change this for you. However, you can search the below instructions on how to enable notifications in your browser.

1. Open chrome
2. At the top right corner, click More (this may look like three dots in a vertical line) -> Settings or if you’re a Mac user, from the menu bar at the top, select Chrome -> Preferences
3. Choose Security and Privacy -> Site setting -> Notifications.
4. Next to “Allow,” click Add. Enter the site https://portal.minsterlaw.co.uk/ and click Add.

Firefox – Mac only
1. Go to menu -> Firefox -> Preferences -> Privacy and Security -> Settings
2. Click allow next the INK website address

Firefox – Windows
1. Click on the menu icon (will look like 3 lines) in the top right corner next to the home icon
2. Choose Privacy & security
3. Scroll down to permissions
4. Find notifications and click “settings” to the right options -> content
4. Choose from the list of sites INK and set the status to allow

Safari – Mac only
1. Go to Safari in the top menu
2. Select Preferences -> Websites -> Notifications
3. Select Allow or Deny to enable or disable notifications from the list of websites.

Microsoft Edge
1. Select the more icon in the top right corner
2. Settings -> Cookies and site permissions -> notifications
3. Select add and choose INK

How do I enable notifications?


When you login to your INK account for the first time you will be prompted to provide consent for notifications. If you did not do this or chose to block notifications you will need to enable notifications for INK in your browser settings.

I’m not receiving push notifications?


Notifications are available to everyone except iPhone & iPad users along with Safari users on Macbooks and iMacs. This is due to Apple not currently supporting notifications on web based applications like INK.

If you don’t have any of the above and you are still not receiving notifications check that you have them enabled on your browser. You should also check if you are in private/incognito mode as this will stop notifications.

It says my login is invalid?


Double check the following:

  • There isn’t a typo in your username or password.
  • You’ve entered your full email address e.g. [email protected] not INK@minsterlaw
  • Caps lock is turned off when you don’t need it
  • Your keyboard is in the right language.

If the problem persists refresh your browser or try to reset your password.

I have tried to reset my password but haven’t received an email?


Ensure that the information you have inputted is the same one you will have registered your account with. You should also check any spam or junk folders in your inbox.

I have tried to register/reset my account and I am not receiving my security code?


For security reasons we employ two factor authentication which means when you reset your account or register for the first time you will receive a text with a 6 digit code to enter. You should make sure that your phone and plan supports text message delivery. Delivery speed or the receiving of texts can vary depending on service and location, so your network provider may struggle if you are in a remote area or abroad.

Try not to make multiple attempts at generating a security code otherwise you could receive several codes at once if you have slow network service, make one attempt and wait 5 minutes.

Is INK available for me?


INK is available for our small claims customers with an email and mobile number.

No INK access can be given to the below types of claims. This is because the complex nature of these claims means they cannot be serviced online.

• Accident with a hit-and-run driver
• Motorbike or pedestrian claims
• Serious or catastrophic injury claims

I am halfway through my claim and I want to open an account, is this possible?


Yes, this is possible, contact a member of the team and they will send you a registration email.

Can I access my details from any device?


You can access your case online from your desktop pc or laptop, as well as Android or Apple tablets and smart phones.

I have been informed I will no longer have access to INK, why?


Our INK account is not available for certain types of claims, for example serious injury or hit and run accidents. Due to your injuries or further investigation your claim might move into one of these areas which are not supported by INK. You would still be supported by the team at Minster Law and whilst you would no longer have access to INK you can still visit our FAQs centre here on our website.

I’m changing my email/phone number what do I do?


If you are changing your email address or phone number since first registering then you will need to contact us and provide your new details.

I have received a text or email alert from you, what does this mean?


If you are logging in for the first time a text may contain your unique code and you will need to enter this to verify your identity. Alternatively, the text may be asking you to complete an action such as review your medical report, which you will find waiting for you when you log on.

Why do I need to give you my mobile number to view my details online?


As part of the initial log in and password reset process we will send you a text message which will have a unique code. This will help identify you, so that we can make sure we keep your records safe. It is important to us that your records remain private but you can still conveniently access them.

I think my personal email has been hacked?


If you believe your personal email has been compromised in anyway please let us know urgently so we can ensure we are not sending any communications to that email. We can also move your account to a new email.