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Our Legal 500-recommended team of Employment Law solicitors support employees having problems at work as well as businesses with employee issues.

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Employment disputes can be a difficult and distressing experience for employees and employers alike. Our Employment Law experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with issues in the workplace, acting on behalf of both employees and employers to successfully resolve difficult situations.

Experience and insight on both sides of the fence

Our expert Employment Law solicitors offer a wide range of support to both employees and employers. This depth of experience gives us a vital insight into how everyone involved in a case thinks and feels, and puts us in the best place to not only absolutely understand your problem, but also anticipate how the other party could react, whether you’re an employee or an employer. It’s this level of rounded knowledge and understanding that helps our employment experts stand out.

Why work with our team of Employment Law experts?

We’ll offer a free assessment of your case and let you know exactly how much our services will cost before we go ahead. In many cases, employee legal costs are covered by your home insurance policy if you took out legal expenses cover or if it was offered as standard.

Employment Law is very similar to Family Law – it’s all about relationships. When relationships go wrong, in many cases they can be repaired through mediation, but sometimes they need severing for the sake of all parties. Our highly personal approach means we’re particularly skilled at helping you identify and achieve the right solution for you. So, we’ll:

Litigation isn’t always the answer – but where it is, we are strong, successful litigators, with particular strengths in the area of unfair dismissal, discrimination and TUPE transfers.

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Because Employment Law can be complicated and every scenario is different, our website is intended to give a general introduction to the way we do things – for advice that’s more specific to you, call 0800 587 7504 to talk to one of our highly skilled Employment Law experts on a no-obligation, one-to-one basis.

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